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Эффективные инновации для будущих поколений
Effective innovation for future generations
Research on special ceramics
Development and testing of special refractory products
More than 40 types of refractories: chemically resistant, withstanding temperatures up to 1800, etc.
High temperature furnaces
Non-ferrous metallurgy smelters, basalt smelting furnaces, sulfur recovery units, etc.
R&D on dust and gas cleaning
Audit of gas purification systems and devices, calculation of the efficiency of gas purification, testing
For filtration of suspensions and pulps
for various industries based on high-performance ceramic filter elements
Integrated engineering solutions
STC Bakor offers comprehensive engineering solutions in the following areas
  • Mineral processing: separation of solid and liquid media
  • Development and selection of refractory materials and products for high-temperature thermal units with aggressive environment and operating conditions
  • Dust and gas cleaning
  • Waste management
Scheme of work
Production audit
Modernization / renovation proposal to improve efficiency
Equipment complex manufacturing
Production. Supply. Installation supervision. Commissioning
ACS. SCADA. Turnkey automation
Technical support
Remote control, service and training
Research activities

The Bakor scientific and technical center holds a leading position in the country for scientific and applied research in the field of special ceramic compositions and materials used in the most problematic areas of thermal units, as well as the development and production of unique filtering ceramic products for metallurgical, glass, mining, petrochemical, housing and communal services and other industries.

Direction of research activity "Bakor"
We develop individual effective research solutions for the customer's request/problems
Service contracts: Comprehensive equipment maintenance

The service offers of the Bakor group of companies guarantee reliable operation and ensure the target performance indicators of the equipment.

The Bakor group of companies offers experienced and highly qualified experts to provide professional service for your equipment.

Round-the-clock support
by 30%
Reducing the number of unscheduled equipment stops
by 10-30%
Reduce operating costs
to 0,95
The increase of the coefficient of technical readiness of equipment

The group of companies operates a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard. We are focused on ensuring that our solutions, products, equipment, bring maximum results to our customers, so we are constantly working in this direction, improving products, modernizing processes and production technologies.

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Geography of projects
Products of "STC" Bakor " are delivered to more than 250 enterprises in 16 countries of the world

Australia-Austria-Belarus-Germany-India-Kazakhstan-Kirgizia-Macedonia-Mexico-Peru-SSA-Ukraina-Chile-South Korea

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Press center NTC Bakor
Influence of drying process on the aluminosilicate fiber hot gases filter element properties
16 May 2022
The article was published in the journal "ScienceDirect". Autors: A.Sizova, O. Rodimov, A. Galganova, D. Lemeshev, D. Bernt,  B. Krasny, K. Ikonnikov. Announcement...
Article: Innovation comprehensive solutions for off-gases cleaning in steel industry. Technical solutions for cleaning high-temperature gas flows
1 March 2021
"Ferrous Metallurgy" bulletinof Scientufic, Technical and Economic Information №2`2021
The program "City Council" (TVC) visiting the Scientific and Technical Center Bakor
9 October 2020
Report of the journalist TV Center Lera Korableva about the Industrial Complex of Moscow STC Bakor specially for the program "City Meeting" (release of 10/12/2020)
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